7 Sure-Fire Tips For Back Pain Relief

7 Sure-Fire Tips For Back Pain Relief

In modern life, it is very common to have back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle. There are different causes of pain that can range from poor posture to sitting up to a herniated disc. When you feel pain extending from your lower back to your arms, it can be rhomboid muscle pain

In many cases the solution is surgery; before operating, try these tips that will give you back pain relief.

1. Try out yoga

There are 2 yoga positions that will help you relieve pain. One is the cat’s posture, which you can include as a daily habit. It’s about getting on your knees and your hands and bending your back up and down.

The other position is the lion’s breath. Get on the floor face down and get up on your elbows, stretch your head up and stick your tongue out as much as you can.

2. Cold and heat

Put ice packs on the pain area and you will get immediate relief. Do this at least 3 times a day for 2 days; then the heat comes, putting hot compresses in the same way or with a bath with hot water, very relaxing. Doing so continually decreases pain a lot since it relaxes the nerve and increases the blood flow in the area. A warm compress is really good for instant back pain relief.

3. Massage

A good massage given by an expert is ideal to relieve the back. Try to be a professional who gives it to you or could make the pain worse. Advise yourself to know which is the best option for your type of pain.

4. Sleep as necessary

The time to sleep serves to regenerate all the processes of our body, the same happens with the sciatic nerve, which decreases tension and rests when sleeping. If you have a strong pain and you have the opportunity to take a nap, do it and you will see how you wake up relieved. Always try the correct position of the back.

5. Alternative therapies

Try to try alternatives already well known, not experimental, such as reflexology, acupuncture, and homeopathy that have existed for a long time and have not hurt anyone. There are many people who actually feel an improvement with these options. Try someone to recommend you so that you do not fall into the hands of charlatans.

6. Avoid sitting for long periods

Interrupts your work routine to move a little. Before or after work includes the habit of taking a short walk. Since it is shown that back pain caused by herniated discs worsens if you do not move. Getting around a few times a day through simple walking can do wonders for back pain relief.

7. Use the right pillow

Depending on the type of pain, this may be a good option for you. Put a pillow under your knees at bedtime and this will decrease the pressure that the disc exerts on the nerve. Using the right pillow you should be able to make sure that you are purchasing the right pillow.